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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

COACHMEWELL® is a Health and Occupational Rehabilitation service provider. We are committed to respecting your privacy and wish to ensure that you are aware of our Privacy Policy for the purpose of undertaking assessments and return to health and work programs.


In the course of undertaking our functions and activities as stated above, it may be necessary to collect from and disclose to the following third parties your personal information (including sensitive information and health information related to your insurance claim):


  1. your treating GP and any other treating practitioner (such as physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, psychologist, Specialist) who, by agreement is deemed necessary to ensure the successful implementation of your rehabilitation assessment/program;

  2. your employer (if applicable);

  3. referring insurance company; and

  4. persons/organisations engaged or requested by COACHMEWELL® to ensure the successful implementation of your rehabilitation assessment/program.


Except as stated above or as otherwise required or authorised by law, we will not collect, use or disclose your personal information to any other third party without your prior knowledge or consent.


Collection of your personal information is governed by the Life Insurance Code of Practice, the Privacy Act 1988 (amended by the Privacy Amendment [Private Sector] Act 2000 and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012) and/or with your consent.


For the complete Privacy Policy by COACHMEWELL®, request a copy from your Rehabilitation Consultant or direct an enquiry to

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