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Leading the way in the provision of Recovery, Health & Wellbeing and Occupational Rehabilitation services to the Life Insurance industry.

 COACHMEWELL® has built a long standing reputation as a provider of choice for the Life Insurance industry. This reputation has been forged over many years through the dedication of Director, Liz Rodley and the enormous efforts of the COACHMEWELL® team who strive for excellence in service, delivered with empathy and compassion.

Our Manifesto

We believe in people, we believe in the ability of a person to overcome ill health and disease, we believe that the health and wellness of a person is integral to their ability to live a productive and thriving, healthy life.


We believe in the importance of educating and empowering people with their recovery and attainment of health and wellness. We understand that 'good' work is good for health. We endeavour to positively impact people's lives by adopting a best practice approach to rehabilitation, health and wellness interventions. We genuinely care and have the customer at the centre of everything we do. Our commitment is to excellence in customer service and the delivery of optimal outcomes.


We love what we do, we are passionate about making positive changes for our clients and customers, and we know we can make a difference.


Our business is built on the foundations of solid values of delivering high quality services that are needed, and simply making sure we deliver what we say we can do.

Thrive Re Consultancy Well Being
Our Pillars

Our Pillars

Thrive Re Consulting collaboration
Partnership & Collaboration

We understand the key to achieving successful outcomes is by working in partnership through true collaboration with all involved.

Thrive Re Consulting CARES for you

A team that genuinely empathises and cares for our clients.


Thrive Re Consulting creating team environment
Provider of Excellence

We are trusted to deliver above and beyond every single time to improve health and work outcomes for our clients.

Thrive Re Consulting Rehabilitation
Holistic Wellness Approach

The COACHMEWELL® team truly understand the holistic, multi-dimensional basis of wellness and how to successfully apply this to best practice occupational rehabilitation. 

Our Services

Occupational Rehabilitation

We are specialists in the provision of recovery, wellness and return to work services to the life insurance industry.

Health & Wellbeing

We provide health & wellness coaching, training and programs to individuals and workplaces.

Occupational Therapy & Specialist Services

We provide dedicated Occupational Therapy services on life insurance claims that include activities of daily living assessment, ergonomic assessment, provision of equipment and functional education.

Our Sevices

Our History

Formerly known as Thrive Re Consulting, COACHMEWELL® launched to market in 2016 – founding Managing Director, Liz Rodley, identified an opportunity to become a bespoke, highly specialised provider to the life insurance sector.


COACHMEWELL® is now a growing multi-disciplinary team of qualified health professionals that have belief and experience in promoting the attainment of recovery, wellness and return to work for our clients. The COACHMEWELL® team qualifications include Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Counselling, Psychology, Wellness, Health & Wellness Coaching, Safety Science and Exercise Physiology.


We are united by a common, guiding inspiration of empowering individuals in their recovery and realisation of health and wellbeing. Embedded in the ethos of the COACHMEWELL® team, is the delivery of service intervention grounded in evidence and best practice, ensuring the realisation of optimal outcomes for our customers.


Importantly, our experience has been borne out of working through the continuum of health care, from acute health settings through to community and then transition into life roles and work. Our clinical and case management experience facilitates decision making, co-ordination of service delivery and ensures the achievement of client centered goals.

The COACHMEWELL® team have been finalists in the prestigious ALUCA Life Insurance Excellence Awards two years running in 2019 and 2020, in the rehabilitation and innovation categories respectively. COACHMEWELL® were also one of the key providers on the BT Cancer Assistance Program (CAP) that went on to win numerous industry awards in 2018-2019 for the early intervention support provided to claims with a cancer diagnosis. These awards are all highly competitive and achieving finalist status is testament to the dedication and above and beyond approach of the COACHMEWELL® team.

Thrive Re Consultant - team of rehabilitation health professionals

Our Clients Say

Thrive Re Consulting - Testimonial 1.jpg

"Nicole took the time to listen to the situation, my perception and feelings, and helped evaluate strategies and solutions for moving forward in my journey of returning to work... The difference my sessions with Nicole made in my transition to a new job (including assistance with drafting my resignation and reviewing my resume) and return to work was huge.

Thrive Re Consulting and Nicole were instrumental in my recovery and return to work by providing resources to assist with the multitude of challenges the RTW journey provides, along with the supportive and listening ear that allowed me to talk through the issues in a way that encouraged finding a solution - and sometimes to just vent and get the emotion out in a safe space.  Nicole was amazing, and I appreciate the time, support and follow up she provided".

Dianne, age 47*

*All names and images used in testimonials are fictitious to protect the privacy of the individual. Each individual has provided consent for use of the testimonial.

Get to Know Us


Managing Director

Bachelor of Applied Science  (Physiotherapy)

Graduate Diploma in Wellness

Liz Rodley is a qualified Physiotherapist with over 30 years of industry experience spanning clinical settings, and the occupational rehabilitation sector. Furthermore, as a passionate advocate for health and wellbeing, Liz went on to become a distinction graduate in 2016 in RMIT University’s Master of Wellness programme. The RMIT Master of Wellness programme was the worlds first post graduate qualification in wellness, placing Liz as a thought leader in the current global wellness movement.


Liz has worked across all the compensable frameworks in Australia, eventually specialising in health, wellbeing and rehabilitation in the life insurance industry since the early 2000’s. Liz has worked both as a consultant and in-house with various life insurance companies in rehabilitation roles. In 2015, Liz was a finalist in the Women in Financial Services Awards, Pro-Bono category for her work in promoting workplace wellbeing and facilitating the launch of an industry unique rehabilitation service offering. In 2016, Liz then co-founded and launched to market, COACHMEWELL® (formerly known as Thrive Re Consulting), with a unique value proposition of providing best practice recovery, health and wellbeing and return to work services to the life insurance sector.

COACHMEWELL® is proud to be a signatory organisation to the Australian Consensus Statement of the Australasian Faculty of  Occupational and Environmental Medicine on the Health Benefits of Work.

ARPA Proud member of PNG.1.png

We are proud members of the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association (ARPA)

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